05 December 2011

Brittani and Joey

Finally, Brittani/Joey fans, there. THERE. They finally admit it, so you can stop asking. YES, Joey and Brittani are dating, and apparently it's been 2 years. 

I was going to blog about this yesterday, when I saw they kissed again in Brittani's latest video:

And, ahem, did a loooot of retake of the kissing scene :")

I thought, aww.. they look so cute together. And then, wait, are they REALLY together?
Coz I STILL see those interrogative questions everywhere! Be it at Brittani's or Joey's channel. On EVERY video that shows both of them in the same frame. Sheesh.

Man, I hate it when people's comments make me doubting myself. I mean, I thought it was obvious, since the first time I saw them kissing in Brittani's video:

Looked so real right?

And also, look at how Joey treats Brittani:

BUT THEN, lately I see those comments everywhere. Wha? You mean, it's still a mystery?

Even though they always make videos together, that's just not enough evidence ain't it?

I don't think they live together though..

Brittani is saving 'it' for marriage HOW SWEET IS THAT?

Okay, that's all of my rant.. for now.
TEE HEE! #wrongchannel

28 November 2011

Shameless Vlog: Bug on My Face!!!

Do you like bugs? Well I don't.

Enjoy watching me freaking out.

26 November 2011

50 YouTube Spoilers in 4 Minutes

OMG I'm so loving The Fine Bros for making this video! It's a summary of 50 most viral videos on Youtube.
You guys have to see this!

And if you wanna see the complete version of each video, they made the playlist. Just click! just click! xD Or play below..

I'm mad excited LOLOL..

21 November 2011

Justine and Toby at Charles and Alli wedding!!

Yes, yes, we do miss them vlogging together.

Anyway, congrats on the wedding Charles Tippy and Alli Speed from CTFxF!

Here's the couple's wedding vlog on their channel. I must warn you though, it's half an hour long.
Alli was gorgeous, but omg, Charles wore sneakers on his own wedding?? LOL.. looks good though. Is it common in American weddings??

Oh don't forget to watch the romantic their sweet proposal video at Spain.

See ya!

13 November 2011

The Pinay YouTubers

I just discovered JLovesMac1/Jarmaine today, and her shows are not bad coz she's quite funny. A total combination of MichellePhan/Michelle Phan (makeup guru) and HappySlip/Cristine Gambito (comedy). Besides the fact that they are all Asian, after watching this video I noticed something..

Jermaine and Christine are really similar!!

I mean, look at the way they talk and act, especially when they joke.

I immediately googled if they were related, but no such luck. My guesses are:
- since they both are philipino-americans, maybe that's just the way they act :p
- since HappySlip came first on youtube, maybe JLovesMac1 watched too many HappySlip that it influenced her a lot.

But those are just guesses.

05 November 2011


This video already has 12 million+ views but I just found out about it?!

Anyway, this guy is sick!!
His style is like some kind of modern moon walking!

Enjoy xD

23 October 2011

Shameless Vlog: Poo on the Street!

Ignore the title, it was actually a nice Saturday morning :)

Shameless Vlog: My Ex and McD Breakfast

Enjoying McD breakfast on a Saturday morning! nyumz..
Oh yea, I have an ex boyfriend who hangs around there.

11 October 2011

The New iPhone 4s (Parody)

Oh how I love JackFilm's parodies..
And this one says it all about the oh-not-so new iPhone.

18 September 2011

Shameless Vlog: Milan Glories vs Indonesia All Star Legend!

Went to watch my first LIVE ball game with my friends! Woo..
Excuse us girls for being ignorant about anything involving ball games -__-"

01 September 2011

David Choi Southeast Asia and Australia Tour - Indonesia

Yaaaay!! FINALLY David Choi's vlog on his concert in Indonesia is up! Wow, took so long, but it's worth to wait coz I've spotted me and my sister few times in it! wooo :))

Posted my vlogs (this and this) for video responses and they're up there, yay!
I hope David sees them :P

29 August 2011

Congratulations MysteryGuitarMan!

Congrats to Joe Penna, a.k.a MysteryGuitarMan, one of my favorite Youtuber, who's constantly wowed me with his videos, for being married to his long time girlfriend, Sarah Evershed!

This video is Olga Kay's vlog on the wedding. Warning: it's 18 minutes long, BUT you get to see a lot of famous other Youtubers. This is the first vlog I stumbled upon about the wedding, so dunno about other blogs (not really stumbled upon though, MGM tweeted about it himself :P)

Let's not forget to rewatch the romantic proposal that Joe did for Sarah.

19 August 2011

Shameless Vlog: Travelling in Indonesia??

A little poll to get inspired for my next local holiday!
Comment please :D

Shameless Vlog: Car Free Day Jakarta

First time trying out the car free day event in Jakarta with my bike.
Turns out fun! Gonna do it again :D

Shameless Vlog: Sunset Photography Fail

Lucky we have this empty field with sunset view nearby our house!
Turns put learning photography is not that easy huh?

09 August 2011

Toby and Justine together again!

Finally after 2 whole months since the last time we saw them together vlogging, they finally in the same frame again.

But, NO, they are not getting back together, or whatever you are hoping for, they just happened to be in the Vidcon at the same time.

Even so, it's nice to see them still talking, eventhough I got an awkward vibe just by watching..  :S

So here are the vlogs, enjoy.

Or go through my updated playlist here.

01 August 2011

Kids React to YouTube Stars

Aww.. :)

American Vs English (the Language)

I've always interested in learning the difference between the real British English language and American English.

So I'm happy that one of my favorite Youtuber, Charlieissocoollike, made these videos:

Funny stuff!
Love you Charlie.

30 July 2011

Shameless Vlog: New Toy!!

LOL I looked so tired here :P

Shameless Vlog: Carwash

I found out that it's hard for me to multitask.. and easily distracted. Bad grammar here and there. Oh well :P
LOL it's hard to vlog in a carwash.

24 July 2011

Shameless Vlog: Carita Beach (Part 1)

My family decided to go on a short trip on a last minute, and we ended up at Carita.

Shameless Vlog: Carita Beach (Part 2)

ENDED UP STAYED FOR A NIGHT.. with no preparation, I love it!

Shameless Vlog: A Javanese Wedding

This is a very rare moment of me wearing a full make up.
It was my cousin's wedding in a Javanese tradition. Enjoyyy!

17 July 2011

Troopers - Who to Kill?

THIS IS MY NEW FAVORITE SHOW ON YOUTUBE!! watch the whole show here:

OMIGOSH good job College Humor!

So this is the first episode that I stumbled upon and successfully made me ROFLMAO and subscribed to the show immediately.
Enjoy! :D

Lost in Semarang

A video about my latest vacation with my friends. We didn't really get lost, just love the drama of the title :P

Facebook won't let me upload this vid, so I uploaded it on youtube.
First time uploading video using copyrighted song on youtube, so wish me luck so I don't get caught :(

Anyway, the video is using Bahasa Indonesia language.. but I think you can still enjoy it :)

Shameless Vlog: David Choi Concert in Jakarta, Indonesia (Day 1)

Vlog of the actual concert :)

09 July 2011

Songify This - CAN'T HUG EVERY CAT -- a song about loving cats

Schmoyoho's newest autotuned song is awesome!
I really like listening to this one.

Also love this cat lady coz she gave us a reason to laugh at those severe cat lovers more xD


I love this video! to my surprise, Toby speaks German lolwtf!
I don't understand squat what he said coz I don't speak German, but I really enjoyed and was non-stop laughing. xD

Man, I gotta stop blogging about Toby x)

04 July 2011

Shameless Vlog: David Choi Meet and Greet in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Woohoo! finally meeting one of the famous youtuber and I have to celebrate it with a first ever vlog!
Weeee! xD

(for those who is not familiar with this culture, in case you're confused)
*vlog = video blog
*blog = web log
*weblog = keeping a log on the web

02 July 2011

Hot Air Balloon!

The first Hot Air Balloon Festival in Indonesia, at Sentul, Jakarta. (March 27, 2010)
My favorite video so far!

Blogger Buzz: Announcing Blogger Mobile Templates

Blogger Buzz: Announcing Blogger Mobile Templates

I'm excited about this, but I don't think it works for my blog. It's still showing the original layout on my mobile phone (blackberry), and I'm already using the plain template... Why like this?? any suggestions?


Yay! Toby is dancing again!

Check out a video compilation made by a fan.

I always like seeing Toby Turner moves like crazy.. here's my favorite remix of him dancing:

Check out the original vlog below.

Aww.. seeing old Justine-Toby videos make me miss seeing them together, and i found a crazier playlist than mine!

Enjoy :)


The full version of Toby Dance in E3.

01 July 2011

Congrats RayWJ!

Belated congratulations to Ray William Johnson on his Equals Three (=3) channel for being no 1 (most subscribed) on YouTube!
Sorry Ryan, time to give somebody else the spot light.

Ryan Higa or NigaHiga was holding the throne for quite a while now, he's like the pioneer of making youtube sketches and becoming famous by making videos on YouTube. I thought nobody will ever beat his record.

Here's one of my favorite video of Ryan Higa that cracks me up. Enjoy :)

30 June 2011

OMG Facts about Youtubers at Playlist Live

I don't have anything interesting to post here today, but I wanna share this compiled interview made by OMG Facts. It's kinda like a short cut for you to get to know some of the well known youtubers.
Enjoy :)

25 June 2011

Today's life?

Pretty much sums up my life LOL. Or ours? Haha.. Oh internet..
Anyway, I think Dave Days is one of the cutest YouTubers :")

18 June 2011

Tobuscus + Mika = LOVES!!

Toby did a semi-parody vlog on one of Mika's songs "Satelite"!! aaawww!! my head exploded! two of my favorite guys combined, that's just too much!! xD

Anyway, this is the first time I actually see him playing a guitar like rumor has it. And he's good! Why of course, with those long fingers!

13 June 2011

Another Desperate Plea for Justine-Toby Explanation

Lately Justine and Jenna hangout with these boys in couple of vlogs..

Again, the fans gets a little riled up.. The cutest thing was, I saw this top rated comment on that video that pretty sums up what the fans really wanna know.

Cute ain't it?

Just hope Justine/Toby is even THINKING to come clean and just tell us everything, then we can all drop it.

11 June 2011

I'm Going to David Choi's Concert in Jakarta!

Bought tickets for me and my sister, and TWO of David Choi's album to get a meet-and-greet with him! Whooot! gonna be vlogging all the way! xD

Here's his announcement about the concert:

Who's going too? See ya there xD

10 June 2011

Toby, Justine, END??

Looks like my two favorite vlogger, Toby Turner and Justine Ezarik, are not gonna get together? I mean, it's been a while since they vlogged together. Used to be frequent, and tried to go to each and every event together...

Even in that E3 Live event thingy they didn't go together :(

Or did they? and didn't wanna publish it?
Nope, Toby went with bunch of boys, including Jack from Jacksfilms.

This is the when their viewer starting to question their "friendship"..
Justine went with here sister, Jenna.

They all used to hang out together.

I get it when sometimes people are just wanna some time off each other. Especially with all those rumors going on. Tiresome.

Well, the best worst scenario I could hope for (yes, I said best worst) is that Toby DID actually make a move and Justine simply turned him down. I would be furious if Toby never had the guts to make a move. He's THAT close :(

I just miss seeing them vlogging together :(

08 June 2011

The Classic Picnic

Oh the classic picnic.. Red checkered table cloth, big basket of food, big round hat..

Sooo tempting..

So we did!

Me and my friends went for a real picnic for the first time, at Kebun Raya Bogor (Bogor city, West Java, Indonesia), and loved it! Hello, fresh air, green view, and nonstop eating!

We were literally so colorful, as if we looked like this:


And oh! I googled classic picnic property pics, and couldn't resist posting this:


06 June 2011

Mr. Timn is back!

Yaaaaay!~ Couldn't tell you how exited I was when I saw "Mr. Timn" in my subscription page!

I think Mr. Timn is creepy yet funny in so many level! xD

Gotta hand it to Julian Smith.. one of my early favorite youtuber. I subscribe coz I found his humor quite unique. Quirky to be exact. Unlike like any other youtuber.

Here, watch, the first episode of Mr. Timn:

When I saw the ending, I was one of the troll who kept sending comments like: "WHY DID YOU HAVE TO KILL HIM! I WANT MORE OF HIM!!" and so on..


Well, seing this second episode of Mr. Timn, now I understand that he HAS to die in every episode! xD

05 June 2011


Went to Karimunjawa Island last month (Mei 2011), it's at the north of Jepara and Semarang city, East Java, Indonesia.
I took bunch of videos on land, and underwater! Woot!!
And here it is.. Enjoy :)

Elle is PREGNANT??!!

So I've only been subscribing to whatsupelle since, like, 2 months ago since MysteryGuitarMan had a guest appearance in this video:

then I look around for her top viewed video and hit the subscribe button right away when I saw this one:

That girl is an awesome dancer! and cool editing skill to make her 'clones'.. You gotta watch till the end, the slow motions are just breathtaking :)

So she kept dancing around ever since and suddenly make this shocking announcement:

She's been hiding her pregnancy with loose clothes and objects in front of her stomach.
Yeah, is it okay to dance and jump around when you have a baby in your belly though?? Hope the baby didn't get dizzy :S

What's interesting is, that her "elligions" (that's what she calls her audience) didn't even know that she has a love life.
Yeah right guys, like every love life has to be publicized.. I caught her reply to a comment saying that Ross (the baby daddy, dunno if they're married or not) is shy and doesn't like to be on the internet. BUT he will make an appearance due to popular demand.

That's all. Are you surprised by the news too?

Justine-Toby lovers hating this guy!

So funny.. this Justine's vlog has nothing to do with Toby, instead, Justin was bringing another guy-friend on some event, and the comment section is flooded with hatred! xD So much fun to read.
The comments even exceeded the number of views.. hahaha!

01 June 2011

Toby and Justine

I think people are getting tired of the mystery. I, myself, am getting bored of this friend-zone thingy. Toby (Tobuscus) is obviously having a crush on Justine (iJustine) and they look great together. They both are my two favorite crazy-dancing-in-public-and-game-nuts-vloggers! what could be better?? :D

Anyway, I've made a playlist of their vlog together and other shows.

Almost 100 videos zomg I have no life!! You two love birds, please, just spare us the suspense and make an announcement vlog that you guys are dating! x(

07 May 2011

"The Lazy Song" by Bruno Mars

My sister introduced me to Bruno Mars' The Lazy Song and showed me the official video clip last night.

I swear I couldn't stop smiling and NODDING ALONG while watching this! xD
Helloo.. monkeys and sunglasses. Two of my favorite things combined! Hahaha..

Makes me wanna do the dance. But somebody has beaten me to it.

How fun!! I really like it.. Love all the effort. But too bad they didn't bother to flip the video so it'll be like the original.

Also found this fun song cover by those popular Asian Youtuber gang.

There's Ryan Higa, Kevin Jumba, D-trix, Chester See, JR, and Victor Kim. It's funny that those Asian American come together and make some sort of a clan to rule Youtube. (tee hee!) Except for Chester See though, he looks pretty white to me. :P But he makes videos with them, a lot.

And apparently they made another one.

But Ryan Higa is not in it.

I LOVE THIS SONG! Did you guys find any other fun cover of this video?
Share! Share!

25 April 2011

YouTube Spotlight

Found a playlist that features the great youtubers  :)

I'm not really interested to the channel who have this playlist.
Too bad YouTube has disabled subscribe button on playlists.

31 March 2011

Language Dilemma Sucks

Hello readers,

Welcome to my blog. A blog I created because I wanted to ramble about Internet Celebrities.. or celebrities in internet.

When I was creating this blog, the internet was hot about the quarrels of Xiaxue Vs. Peter Coffin, and rumors of Justine and Toby dating, as in like maybe being a couple but they don't wanna admit it. And I really wanted talk about this to my friends. But sadly, nobody, and not many in my country, is aware about this. That's why I thought at least I can express my thoughts about these things here, and maybe someday publish it to Indonesian readers.

After all the weeks of selecting the perfect design on blogspot, I ended up make it plain white and simple banner of words -__-" But hey, it's a start. My other constraint of start posting on this blog is that I was torn to make this blog in English or Indonesian.

Oh how I envy English-speaking countries. They won't be having this dilemma for sure.

Long story short, I decided to talk in English here so anybody can still read. And if you happen to be Indonesian that doesn't speak English, err.. please learn more English?

Oh well, I still wanna bring internet awesomeness to Indonesia. I hope this language decision I made does not impact my fellow Indonesians willingness to visit my blog.


PS.  I'm gonna share some stories of my life too here :)