30 June 2011

OMG Facts about Youtubers at Playlist Live

I don't have anything interesting to post here today, but I wanna share this compiled interview made by OMG Facts. It's kinda like a short cut for you to get to know some of the well known youtubers.
Enjoy :)

25 June 2011

Today's life?

Pretty much sums up my life LOL. Or ours? Haha.. Oh internet..
Anyway, I think Dave Days is one of the cutest YouTubers :")

18 June 2011

Tobuscus + Mika = LOVES!!

Toby did a semi-parody vlog on one of Mika's songs "Satelite"!! aaawww!! my head exploded! two of my favorite guys combined, that's just too much!! xD

Anyway, this is the first time I actually see him playing a guitar like rumor has it. And he's good! Why of course, with those long fingers!

13 June 2011

Another Desperate Plea for Justine-Toby Explanation

Lately Justine and Jenna hangout with these boys in couple of vlogs..

Again, the fans gets a little riled up.. The cutest thing was, I saw this top rated comment on that video that pretty sums up what the fans really wanna know.

Cute ain't it?

Just hope Justine/Toby is even THINKING to come clean and just tell us everything, then we can all drop it.

11 June 2011

I'm Going to David Choi's Concert in Jakarta!

Bought tickets for me and my sister, and TWO of David Choi's album to get a meet-and-greet with him! Whooot! gonna be vlogging all the way! xD

Here's his announcement about the concert:

Who's going too? See ya there xD

10 June 2011

Toby, Justine, END??

Looks like my two favorite vlogger, Toby Turner and Justine Ezarik, are not gonna get together? I mean, it's been a while since they vlogged together. Used to be frequent, and tried to go to each and every event together...

Even in that E3 Live event thingy they didn't go together :(

Or did they? and didn't wanna publish it?
Nope, Toby went with bunch of boys, including Jack from Jacksfilms.

This is the when their viewer starting to question their "friendship"..
Justine went with here sister, Jenna.

They all used to hang out together.

I get it when sometimes people are just wanna some time off each other. Especially with all those rumors going on. Tiresome.

Well, the best worst scenario I could hope for (yes, I said best worst) is that Toby DID actually make a move and Justine simply turned him down. I would be furious if Toby never had the guts to make a move. He's THAT close :(

I just miss seeing them vlogging together :(

08 June 2011

The Classic Picnic

Oh the classic picnic.. Red checkered table cloth, big basket of food, big round hat..

Sooo tempting..

So we did!

Me and my friends went for a real picnic for the first time, at Kebun Raya Bogor (Bogor city, West Java, Indonesia), and loved it! Hello, fresh air, green view, and nonstop eating!

We were literally so colorful, as if we looked like this:


And oh! I googled classic picnic property pics, and couldn't resist posting this:


06 June 2011

Mr. Timn is back!

Yaaaaay!~ Couldn't tell you how exited I was when I saw "Mr. Timn" in my subscription page!

I think Mr. Timn is creepy yet funny in so many level! xD

Gotta hand it to Julian Smith.. one of my early favorite youtuber. I subscribe coz I found his humor quite unique. Quirky to be exact. Unlike like any other youtuber.

Here, watch, the first episode of Mr. Timn:

When I saw the ending, I was one of the troll who kept sending comments like: "WHY DID YOU HAVE TO KILL HIM! I WANT MORE OF HIM!!" and so on..


Well, seing this second episode of Mr. Timn, now I understand that he HAS to die in every episode! xD

05 June 2011


Went to Karimunjawa Island last month (Mei 2011), it's at the north of Jepara and Semarang city, East Java, Indonesia.
I took bunch of videos on land, and underwater! Woot!!
And here it is.. Enjoy :)

Elle is PREGNANT??!!

So I've only been subscribing to whatsupelle since, like, 2 months ago since MysteryGuitarMan had a guest appearance in this video:

then I look around for her top viewed video and hit the subscribe button right away when I saw this one:

That girl is an awesome dancer! and cool editing skill to make her 'clones'.. You gotta watch till the end, the slow motions are just breathtaking :)

So she kept dancing around ever since and suddenly make this shocking announcement:

She's been hiding her pregnancy with loose clothes and objects in front of her stomach.
Yeah, is it okay to dance and jump around when you have a baby in your belly though?? Hope the baby didn't get dizzy :S

What's interesting is, that her "elligions" (that's what she calls her audience) didn't even know that she has a love life.
Yeah right guys, like every love life has to be publicized.. I caught her reply to a comment saying that Ross (the baby daddy, dunno if they're married or not) is shy and doesn't like to be on the internet. BUT he will make an appearance due to popular demand.

That's all. Are you surprised by the news too?

Justine-Toby lovers hating this guy!

So funny.. this Justine's vlog has nothing to do with Toby, instead, Justin was bringing another guy-friend on some event, and the comment section is flooded with hatred! xD So much fun to read.
The comments even exceeded the number of views.. hahaha!

01 June 2011

Toby and Justine

I think people are getting tired of the mystery. I, myself, am getting bored of this friend-zone thingy. Toby (Tobuscus) is obviously having a crush on Justine (iJustine) and they look great together. They both are my two favorite crazy-dancing-in-public-and-game-nuts-vloggers! what could be better?? :D

Anyway, I've made a playlist of their vlog together and other shows.

Almost 100 videos zomg I have no life!! You two love birds, please, just spare us the suspense and make an announcement vlog that you guys are dating! x(