28 November 2011

Shameless Vlog: Bug on My Face!!!

Do you like bugs? Well I don't.

Enjoy watching me freaking out.

26 November 2011

50 YouTube Spoilers in 4 Minutes

OMG I'm so loving The Fine Bros for making this video! It's a summary of 50 most viral videos on Youtube.
You guys have to see this!

And if you wanna see the complete version of each video, they made the playlist. Just click! just click! xD Or play below..

I'm mad excited LOLOL..

21 November 2011

Justine and Toby at Charles and Alli wedding!!

Yes, yes, we do miss them vlogging together.

Anyway, congrats on the wedding Charles Tippy and Alli Speed from CTFxF!

Here's the couple's wedding vlog on their channel. I must warn you though, it's half an hour long.
Alli was gorgeous, but omg, Charles wore sneakers on his own wedding?? LOL.. looks good though. Is it common in American weddings??

Oh don't forget to watch the romantic their sweet proposal video at Spain.

See ya!

13 November 2011

The Pinay YouTubers

I just discovered JLovesMac1/Jarmaine today, and her shows are not bad coz she's quite funny. A total combination of MichellePhan/Michelle Phan (makeup guru) and HappySlip/Cristine Gambito (comedy). Besides the fact that they are all Asian, after watching this video I noticed something..

Jermaine and Christine are really similar!!

I mean, look at the way they talk and act, especially when they joke.

I immediately googled if they were related, but no such luck. My guesses are:
- since they both are philipino-americans, maybe that's just the way they act :p
- since HappySlip came first on youtube, maybe JLovesMac1 watched too many HappySlip that it influenced her a lot.

But those are just guesses.

05 November 2011


This video already has 12 million+ views but I just found out about it?!

Anyway, this guy is sick!!
His style is like some kind of modern moon walking!

Enjoy xD