26 August 2012


Ok, for the first time ever, I am aware of a viral video BEFORE it went viral.

Me and my friends are fans of Kpop, so I heard about this video when my friend told me that PSY released a new MV featuring Yoo Jaesuk in it (my favorite ahjussi/uncle from Running Man).

I was so excited because Jaesuk did a dance off with Psy, and finish it with THE GRASSHOPPER DANCE (4:00)! LOL xD

There's also the 2nd version of this song featuring Hyuna. I don't understand why there are so many dislikes on this vid. What more do you want people?? Hyuna is so damn HOT in this vid!!

Of course, there are SOOOO MANY covers, parodies, and flash mobs of this MV lol..
One of a great parody is this one below because it features David Choi (1:53)!

(see my vlog meeting David Choi! Yay! ^^)

LOL David.. of all the charactres. Why do you have to be Noh Hongchul?? xD
My eyes are infected now lol..

Oh, lastly, the Teens React to Gangnam Style is also awesome :) Is more valid to ask teens rather than kids, like when The Fine Bros did Kids React to Kpop :p

Oh wow.. Korea really IS invading the world. ~

Shameless Vlog #25 Gibberish Cousins are Gibberish

Ever tried the age dicount at D'Cost? We shamelessly abused it :p LOL
Also.. Meet my multicultural family ;)

17 August 2012

2NE1 Dara's Pink Hair

Super LOVE Sandara Park's PINK HAIR here I can't get over it!!! 
Dara why u so prettyyyy?? 2NE1 is always awesome in fashion :3

10 August 2012

Shameless Vlog #23 Korean Supermarkets in Jakarta

Our little adventure on searching for Korean ingredients for the cooking video (bit.ly/yellowkimbap)!
I hope this would help some people who wondered where to find Korean Supermarkets or convenience store in Jakarta. But sorry it's only in South Jakarta.
Enjoy ^^

06 August 2012

Yellow Kimbap Blooper 2 [Delicious Seoul Story]

Last part of the Blooper from the Yellow Kimbap video. More LOLz xD

Don't forget to vote for our full video here by giving a LIKE : http://bit.ly/yellowkimbap
Reeeally want to win a gourmet trip to Seoul from Visit Seoul!
Wish us luck :)

Yellow Kimbap Blooper 1 [Delicious Seoul Story]

Blooper part 1 out of 2 from the Yellow Kimbap video. So may LOLz xD